The Crown : the interpreter of Lady Di in season 4 has been revealed

Tours consecutively, seasons 3 and 4 of “The Crown” will soon be available on Netflix. On this occasion, the princess Diana – a new entrant in the series – will be embodied by the actress Emma Corrin. D. R. it Will be necessary to wait until the fourth season before the discover (the third has not yet been released), the interpreter of princess Diana in the historical series The Crown has been unveiled today by our colleagues from the Hollywood Reporter . At the end of a long period of research, it is on the young actress Emma Corrin that the producers of the show have set their sights ; yet unknown to the general public, the latter will appear soon in the series DC Comics Pennyworth, dedicated to the youth of Alfred, the faithful butler of Batman. “Emma has an incredible talent that has immediately caught our attention when she auditioned for the role of Diana Spencer. In addition to the fact that she has the innocence and the beauty of the young Diana, she is also able to embody the complexity of this extraordinary woman, this girl unknown who afterward became the wife of the most iconic of his generation,” has thrilled the creator of the series Peter Morgan in an official press release. D. A. Recall that for cesdeux new seasons, the entire cast of The Crown has been replaced; the queen Elizabeth II is now embodied by Olivia Colman (Oscar for Best Actress this year for the role of another monarch – queen Anne – in The Favorite), her husband Philip is played by Tobias Menzies (Game of Thrones), while Helena Bonham Carter lends her traits to the princess Margaret. At the same time, new entrants are joining the distribution of the series : Gillian Anderson (Margaret Thatcher), Emerald Fennell (Camille) and especially Josh O’connor in the role of prince Charles. No release date at the present time, seasons 3 and 4 of The Crown will soon be available on Netflix.

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Ducobu : a third film directed by… Elie Semoun !

A third aspect of the adventure film Ducobu will turn this summer. Behind the camera, we’ll… Elie Semoun ! Arnaud Borrel After The Pupil Ducobu 2011 and then The Holidays Ducobu a year later, a third part of the saga film, adapted from the famous COMIC is about to see the light of day. The shooting of this new opus will take place this summer in France and Belgium under the direction… of Elie Semoun ! The comedian, who will make his first steps of the filmmaker for the occasion, will be revisiting the role of the teacher in Latouche. It is party 😊 — elie semoun (@SemounElie) January 9, 2019, The new a third component of Ducobu directed by Elie Semoun is confirmed by Semoun himself, which was published Wednesday on the social network a news of the casting is related to the project. Announcement which we learn, inter alia, that the production is looking for a new young actor, this time between the ages of 10 to 13 years, to embody the hero of the film. Recall that Ducobu has been played on screen by Vincent Claude and François Viette. The first two films Ducobu, realized by Philippe de Chauveron (That is what we did to God ? and his suite to come to the end of the month) have been pretty successful to the public. The Student Ducobu has attracted nearly 1.5 million viewers, while the result was viewed over a million entries. 30 stars who have lent their voice to an animated character to See the slideshow Slideshow 30 the stars who have lent their voice to an animated character 30 photos

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The Suicide Squad : why James Gunn has retained Deadshot but changed actor

While the presence of Harley Quinn is still blurry, James Gunn has chosen to keep Deadshot but replace Will Smith by Idris Elba in “The Suicide Squad”. The reason for this ? The director would have a story clear in my head. Warner Bros. Pictures The Suicide Squad will be released on August 4, 2021 in our rooms, but it is revealed already more than The Batman, yet waited until the 30 June of the same year, and the identity of the characters of this new adventure has been revealed : if the presence of Harley Quinn is still blurry, there would be, however, no Joker or Killer Croc, but the King Shark and Peacemaker. And Deadshot, to return no more under the guise of Will Smith but those of Idris Elba, who is about to land in DC after being shown two times on the side of Marvel, with Ghost Rider 2 and Thor. A replacement that raises a question to which The Hollywood Reporter today the response. The website reports that the major influence for James Gunn would be comic books signed Jon Ostrander and Kim Yale in the 80s, where David Ayer was inspired by the version New 52, also known as Rebirth and born of a reboot of the universe that took place in September 2011 after the events of “Flashpoint”. In the series of publications valued by the director of Guardians of the Galaxy, Deadshot holds a central role : that of leader of group of mercenaries. A leader with suicidal ideation flare-ups from a childhood with a abusive father and in the course of which his brother is dead by his fault. CHARACTERS SACRIFIABLES ? A state of mind which urges them in particular to accept missions with low chances of survival, including the members of his team are, at best, wounded. And it is perhaps in this light to have a lot less characters to the arrival that James Gunn was chosen for the protagonists if little known to the general public : for a better sacrifice, with the black humour that characterizes his cinema from its beginnings at Troma. And without the risk of compromising a possible project of a sequel or spin-off, in which the only Deadshot appears today to be able to argue, then, that Harley Quinn will be in the midst of Birds of Prey, on February 19, 2020. It also reflects a desire to return to the stories a bit more conventional, the fact that James Gunn wants to adapt the comic books of the 80’s does not farm, of course, not the door to the ally of the Joker, originated in the animated series Batman 1992 before joining the Suicide Squad in 2011. Because it is more towards a mood, a style that the director wants to go, and not an adaptation of the letter. If the information reported by The Hollywood Reporter confirms. In this case, it could be that the casting is to be announced shortly. At Comic-Con San Diego, for example, with the new Batman ?

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TF1 Series, Movies and 6ter pay homage to Luke Perry

After the demise of the late Luke Perry, the DTT channels, free 6ter and TF1 Series Films have decided to disrupt their evenings to program-for-television movies with actor headlining. In the aftermath of the announcement the shock of the death of Luke Perry, the channels change their schedules to devote a tribute to the one that will remain for many the interpreter of Dylan Mckay in the series of the 90s Beverly Hills. The actor, aged 52 years, succumbed yesterday as a result of a STROKE. Death of Luke Perry, lord Dylan of Beverly Hills and dad Archie in Riverdale TF1 Series Film program tonight from 21h A home for my children (2015), a telefilm in which the deceased was lending its traits for a writer faced with the syndrome of the white page. For its part, 6ter has chosen to dedicate his evening of Wednesday, march 6, to Luke Perry with the broadcast of two tv movies. In the first, Paradise Ranch (2016), at 21h, the actor gives the reply to Emmanuelle Vaugier. In the following, The law of Goodnight : La belle aventuriere (2013), 22: 45, it has for partner the ex-child star Ricky Schroder (Ricky ou la belle vie). As a reminder, Luke Perry was from January 2017 to generic of Riverdale. He played Fred Andrews, the father of the protagonist Archie (K. J. Apa). His sudden disappearance has caused the production to halt filming of the show. The writers will have to revise their copy to explain the absence of a character in the series. Other latter role that the public will discover posthumously, Luke Perry will be in the credits of the next Tarantino film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, with Margot Robbie, Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt.

Supernatural season 14 : Jack is a growing concern in the teaser of episode 14

Check out the teaser of the next episode of the series “Supernatural”, an episode in which the character of Jack is showing more and more disturbing. Find out in our player above the teaser of the next episode of the fantasy series Supernatural. An episode which sees the character of Jack (Alexander Calvert) is showing more and more disturbing to Sam (Jared Padalecki), Dean (Jensen Ackles), Castiel (Misha Collins), and the witch Rowena MacLeod (Ruth Connell). Episode 14 of season 14 of the show, titled Ouroboros, will be released on march 7, on the CW, and then in the US+24 on Sérieclub. Supernatural Episode 300 : the reunion of the family Winchester in photos ! See the slideshow Slideshow Supernatural Episode 300 : the reunion of the family Winchester in photos ! 7 photos

Predator : the false connections of ALL the movies of the saga, by Michel and Michel

Michel throws down a challenge to Michael : deciphering the false connections of his saga favorite, at the rate of 1 minute per film. Action ! Predator, Predator 2, Predators, the recent The Predator and the cross-overs Alien vs. Predator and Aliens vs. Predator Requiem : six movies to a saga that has given us thirty-two years a masterpiece, series B solid… and nanars, too. A one minute long film, Michel & Michel spend the deductible Predator to the close scrutiny of their felt-yellow and their eyes of experts, for a video that has “the mouth of a porte-bonheur”.